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The following testimonials are from actual real people locally

(fancy that, actually not made up!) 

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We had a large new build house that had been installed with computer networking throughout but simply did not deliver what we where expecting. We only had a small portion of the house with internet coverage, none of the interactive TV's worked and even the home phone did not work. Having had engineers try and help us in the past we had lost all hope of getting it fixed until we found Rutland Computer Repairs. They paid us a visit to discuss our needs and produced a document outlining everything that needed doing and in what order so we where fully aware of the process from start to finish. Three days later we had our home phone working, we had full internet coverage throughout the house and even our internet speed increased from 22Mb to 73Mb! We are so pleased with the results and where made to understand everything that was happening. Next stop - Home Automation please! - Dr Gardner

We run a very busy accountancy company and as a result need our systems to perform to their best on a daily basis as any business would need. In the past we assumed that the support we had been receiving was standard and our systems where as good as they could be. In 2018 we decided to look over the support we had been receiving and asked Rutland Computer Repairs to visit us to see what they could offer. Very quickly we realised that as a company we had been missing out and decided to ask Rutland Computer Repairs to support us going forward. In the first month we had noticed how with the use of better functioning IT we had become more efficient and will never look back - Mr Daulby 

We first came across Rutland Computer Repairs when our printer started playing up so we made a call and it was made quite clear that a visit would have been money wasted. We both appreciated this honesty and as a result have been back for other issues and would not now use anyone else - Mr and Mrs Elliot

Here at Rutland Computer Repairs we also like to give and we recently donated our time and experience to the Rutland NSPCC concert, over seeing the sound and making sure the technical side of the evening ran smoothly. We must say it was an honour to be able to help for such an important cause and are already looking forward to next year, roll on 2019! - Rutland Computer Repairs (maybe not a testimonial but important)