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You may very well have the expertise already within your business, maybe a member of staff or a friend with IT knowledge that are more than willing to help.


All of the above are fantastic but sometimes it can be very helpful to be able to talk to somebody, not only about the solutions available for issues you are already aware of, but to be able to chat about alternatives also.


How about if you have a problem and the IT support you have been receiving can not respond to your needs within a reasonable time frame?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to call on somebody that can be available, typically within a 2 hour time frame if a problem occurs, or even remotely fix a problem within 30 minutes?  


Rutland Computer Repairs can provide the above and more. We have over 20 years experience of working within the IT support sector and as a result we really do know how, as a business you need an IT support company that can respect the environment  

in which you work.


Rutland Computer Repairs are currently supporting over 2,700 users and have the capacity to support even more. If you feel that you would like to give Rutland Computer Repairs a call to discuss your current IT support needs please do not hesitate to do so